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Regular hours for researchers
Mondays and Tuesdays from 9 to 12 in the morning, and from 1 to 4 in the afternoon, except the last week of September and the last week of December.

In the basesment of Christ Church Cathedral at 414 Sparks Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Diocesan Archives
Photo Brian Sarjeant

Our mandate is to collect, preserve, make available and exhibit the historically significant records of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Ottawa for the years dating from 1779 to the present. We acquire parish records of all types for Anglican congregations in eastern Ontario and western Quebec, and we are always interested to learn about collections to add to our holdings.

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Acquisition policy
The Archives' collection policy provides for the acquisition of parish and diocesan records that include:
  • Parish registers - records of births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths and burials
  • Vestry records - including annual reports, attendance records, minutes and related papers from meetings
  • Service registers - also called Vestry Books
  • Records of committees and organizations - including minutes, reports and correspondence of groups such as building committees, choirs, Sunday schools, parish councils, men's groups, women's organizations, and youth groups
  • Financial records
  • Property records - including contracts, deeds, architectural plans, building permits, indentures, petitions for consecration, etc.
  • Service bulletins and leaflets - for regular and special events
  • Correspondence - including parish mailings
  • Parish newsletters
  • Historical information - books, booklets and news clippings
  • Photographs - identified as completely as possible by view, date, event and persons depicted
  • Guest books, parish lists and photo directories
  • Special collections and informational materials - usually identified by source and by topic, including scrapbooks

The Archives' collection also includes the following diocesan records:
  • Bishops' papers
  • Episcopal Office records
  • Synod journals
  • Diocesan Council records
  • Governance and Communications Committee records
  • Financial Affairs Committee records
  • Parish Ministry Development Committee records
  • Risk and Audit Committee records
  • Diocesan newspapers
  • Papers of prominent clergy and laypeople
The diocesan Archives does not purchase archival material.

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Archeion database The Diocese of Ottawa has some 222 churches and parishes listed at the Archeion website of the Archives Association of Ontario. Find out about the extent and variety of records in the diocesan Archives for any parish and congregation by visiting Archeion

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Fees schedule
Certificate (or certified transcript) of baptism, confirmation, marriage or burial*
$30 each

Preliminary genealogical research requests (taking up to half an hour to carry out)*

Professional genealogical research*
$40 per hour

Access to Parish registers by visitors*
$3 per vol.

Access to Parish registers on official church business*
No charge

Searching online database of 800,000 baptisms, marriages, burials
$5 per hour; $2 for 20 minutes

20 cents per page

* Photocopying and photographing parish registers is not permitted under any circumstances
* Subject to privacy/confidentiality/conservation/size of request restrictions

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Friends of the Diocesan Archives
  • The Friends of the Diocesan Archives was formed in November 2000 to provide additional support for the Archives and the affiliated Wilfred H. Bradley Reference Library. The aims and objects of the Friends, as they appear in the by-laws are;
  • To support the activities of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Archives to acquire, preserve, make available and exhibit historical records of the Diocese and its Parishes
  • To promote awareness of the history and heritage of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Ottawa and of the programs and activities of the Diocesan Archives
  • To generate revenues and raise funds, and
  • To carry on related duties.

Jack Francis  Mikael Hicks
Volunteers Jack Francis (l) and Michael Hicks (r). Photos Brian Sarjeant

Members are encouraged to become involved in various activities of the Friends and are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

The cost of an individual annual membership (based on the calendar year) is only $20. New members are always welcome. To sign up, simply contact the Archivist at the postal address, telephone number or email address provided below.

The Friends is an arms-length organization, and provides funding in areas where the Archives budget proves insufficient. We offer charitable tax receipts for all donations of ten dollars or more to the Diocesan Archives. Such donations can be mailed to the address shown below, or you may designate a donation to Friends of the Archives online.

The Friends of the Archives has a popular sale each year of pre-owned books, to help raise funds for purchases of new books desired for the Archives. The sale takes place in the display area of each annual Synod.

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Friends of the Archives newsletter
Contact the archives for the latest Friends and the Archives Newsletter.

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Diocesan Archives
Photo Brian Sarjeant

Parish registers of baptisms, confirmations, marriages and burials.

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The Wilfred H. Bradley Reference Library
Named in honour of the first diocesan Archivist, our library contains some 7,000 titles. It includes books and pamphlets on Anglicanism, apologetics, architecture and decoration, Biblical criticism, biography, Canon Law, church order, commentaries, conferences and congresses, doctrine, Christian education and training for ministry, ecumenical affairs, other faiths, general history, Christian history, historical papers of the Canadian Society of Church History, The Journal of the Canadian Church Historical Society, history of the Church of England and the Anglican Church of Canada, history of the Diocese of Ottawa, family history, Canadian social history, liturgy and lectionary, missions, moral and pastoral theology, music, poetry and literature, sermons-addresses-lectures-essays, spirituality, monarchy and a host of other worthy works.

The Wilfred H. Bradley Reference Library

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Volunteer Programme
The Archives welcomes a select number of volunteers to enjoy and contribute time to the preservation of our documentary heritage. Volunteers are able to execute a variety of tasks based on their interests and abilities, including accessioning, arranging records, identifying photographs, and cataloguing.

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For further information contact:
Dr. Glenn J Lockwood
Anglican Diocese of Ottawa,
71 Bronson Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1R 6G6
Telephone: 613-680-8585
Fax 613-232-7088 Attn: Glenn Lockwood

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Parish Registers
Parish registers for these locations are in the collection of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Archives. Access is subject to provisions of the Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act.

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