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The Columbarium Welcome to the website of the Columbarium in Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa.  Here you will find information on the features of this elegant and peaceful cemetery in the crypt of a stately cathedral in the heart of Canada’s capital.

The Columbarium is furnished with 468 niches specifically constructed to hold urns containing cremated remains, or ashes. 156 niches are designed to hold an urn containing the ashes of one person, and 312 are for the urn or urns containing the ashes of two people. Each niche is sealed with a custom made, solid oak door.

Niches in the Columbarium are available for purchase by families and individuals from all Christian denominations.

The rights to the use of either a single or a double niche must be purchased in advance. The price includes the opening and closing of the niche when required, and one or two engraved brass markers affixed to the niche door. In addition, the price includes an amount which is deposited into a trust fund for perpetual care of the Columbarium.

The Columbarium is a secure, fully-accessible, spacious and beautifully appointed space. Carefully laid stonework surrounds its entrance, leading to a charming chapel and then the Columbarium itself. There are regular hours for visitation each week and special visits at other times can also be arranged.

For more information or to inquire about purchasing a niche, please contact the Manager of the Columbarium at 613-236-9149 ext. 29 or email us at

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