As with any large non-profit organization, the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa has many documents and policies that govern our operations.

Canons and Bylaws

The legal and procedural framework for the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa is found in a document called the Canons, Bylaws and Regulations (CBRs). Canons are the laws of the Church, governing its life and discipline.


Every year our delegates and clergy from our parishes gather to the meeting of Diocesan Synod, the ‘Annual General Meeting’ of the Diocese. This meeting is important because it gives us an opportunity to see the bigger picture of the mission and ministry of the Diocese; how can we embrace the mission of God more effectively.

Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council have the rights and duties of the Synod between its meetings; setting appropriate frameworks and policies to support the achievement of the Diocesan missions. Council is responsible, with the Bishop, for overseeing the implementation of strategic plans, stewardship of the Diocese, and the management of its governance with the purpose of supporting the parishes and the Diocese to fulfill the mission of God.