Companion Diocese: Jerusalem

The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa formally joined the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem in Partnership as Companion Dioceses in the fall of 2009, following a request from the Most Rev. Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.

The purpose of such partnerships is to build relationships, mutual prayer, and conversation, across the Anglican Communion. The Diocese of Jerusalem features regularly on our Diocesan prayer list and other connection, including a Women’s Gathering, continue to be forged between the two Dioceses.

“What we have discovered from each other, is that there is much we each have to learn and contribute from our time together.” – Rt. Rev. John Chapman

Former Diocesan partnerships include the Diocese of Pelotas, Brazil, from 1998-2008.

Jerusalem Women’s Gathering

In November 2016, women from the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa travelled to Jerusalem to join women from the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem to participate in a Women’s Jerusalem Gathering. The Gathering was hosted by Ms. Shafeeqa Dawani, spouse of the Most Rev. Suheil Dawani, President Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East; and was coordinated with long-time friend, Catherine Chapman, spouse of the Rt. Rev. John Chapman, Bishop of Ottawa.

About the Diocese of Jerusalem

The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem covers five countries; Israel, Gaza, West Bank (Palestine), Jordan, and Lebanon; and is home to almost 30 parishes. Additionally, the Diocese’s healthcare and education ministries include the provision of hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, and schools across the region. Alongside these ministries is the Diocesan Peace and Reconciliation department that continues to work at strengthening the relationship and interfaith dialogue with local Jews and Muslims; while programs such as Kids4Peace strive to educate the next generation is a language of tolerance and acceptance.

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