Energy benchmarking program

March 28, 2019—At the Christian Council’s March meeting, a representative from Faith and the Common Good described the Greening Sacred Spaces project called the “Energy Benchmarking Program”. This program is to help parishes make decisions about “greening” activities and to suggest benchmarks by which to judge improvements in energy usage and cost savings. For churches, the first step is to get informed about the program, then sign permissions for program representatives to research your hydro and other energy bills.

The Rev. John Wilker-Blakley, diocesan ecumenical officer, attended the meeting and reports, “They have you sign permissions to research your hydro and other energy bills, and then they track them for you, putting them into a constant $$ value (for example, 2012 dollars) to remove the impact of inflation and energy cost rises. This enables a community to calculate simply…the increases, decreases of energy cost, and usage over a period of years as things like LED lights are installed, or solar panels are used. Especially if you are in an older building and have been making changes this can be a useful tool for helping to encourage further work. Did that insulation really make a difference…? The simple benchmarking reports will help you to determine the answer so that all can see it.” or contact Charlie Scromeda at

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