Hospital Ministry

The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa offers several ministries at The Ottawa Hospital (Civic and General Campuses), The Heart Institute, and The Queensway-Carleton Hospital. Dedicated teams of volunteers and clergy provide Spiritual Care through visiting patients, weekly Eucharist worship services, and bedside Holy Communion, as well as emergency on-call at the Civic Campus. The Anglican Chaplain provides care in specialized critical-care areas at the Civic, General, and Heart Institute.

Some Anglican clergy and lay people have been involved in the evaluation of ESCAT (Emergency Spiritual Care Assistance Team) through The Ottawa Hospital. This leading-edge initiative provides a framework for support in the case of accident, disaster, or other large events which may occur in any international city. The resources developed by the ESCAT are now being used by other hospitals across Canada and the United States. The Ottawa team continues to grow with the addition of enthusiastic, trained volunteers.