Lifelong Formation

Workshop: Connecting with a Younger Generation

A workshop designed to provide insights and practical advice based on the principles of pastoral care.

October 13, 2018
9:30am – 2pm
Faith Lutheran Church
43 Meadowlands Drive West

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From implementing new approaches to learning, to creating intergenerational worship, to training youth leaders,Lifelong Formation dynamically shapes the future of the church. Through the work of Leslie Giddings, our Learning Facilitator, we are ensuring that parishes have dedicated support available to them.

It is essential to our faith and the sustainability of our church that the Gospel is passed on from generation to generation. Through Leslie’s ministry, ongoing support to parishes has resulted inan increase in participation in the Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth event, the Diocesan Youth Conference, the Junior Youth Retreat, as well as many parish-based initiatives.

Ministry with children and youth is central to lifelong formation. Parishes approach this ministry in specific to their context. Some parishes have congregationally-based programs, event-based ministries, outdoor ministries, and internship models. Other engagement with the wider community, or simply ensure that children and youth are active participants win worship and mission. All these forms of ministry are equally important, equally valid and valued. In order to encourage adaptability and collaboration, our Learning Facilitator is available to support parishes as they confront changing demographics and parish needs

Areas of Lifelong Formation include:

For more information contact:
Leslie Giddings
Learning Facilitator
613-232-7124 x 237