Parish Ministry

Learning is often challenging and some- times painful but the very fact that we are learning means that we are fully alive and rising to the opportunity that is put in front of us. We are so very fortunate in our Diocese to have people and communities that teach, support, and encourage as we strive to be the most faithful people of God that we can be, no matter what our context – lay or ordained, rural or urban, professionally trained or self-taught. Learning new skills so that the Good News may be effectively lived and shared has never been more important, as our church renews and transforms.

The Bishop and Diocesan Council, in collaboration with people throughout the Diocese are exploring and taking action on issues surrounding the stewardship of our buildings and the reshaping of parish ministry.

Areas of Parish Ministry include:

  • Clergy and Administrative Toolbox; forms and resources for Clergy and Administrators
  • Parish Ministry Workshops; workshops are free to Parishes, Regions, and Deaneries, and they are developed in conjunction with specific needs
  • Policies and Accountability; policies to protect the privacy and safety of Clergy, Staff, Volunteers, and those we come in contact with
  • School for Parish Development; shaping shapes Church leaders, both lay and clergy, to support and foster healthy, sustainable congregations
  • Stewardship; managing of our time, talent, and resources