Policies & Accountability

In our baptismal covenant, we promise to strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.

In accord with this covenant, the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa has approved a Privacy Standards Policy and associated procedures and guidelines covering the collection, management, retention, and disposal of personal information held by the Diocese.

Privacy Policy

The Diocese of Ottawa follows ten (10) principles with handling personal information.

Each office, agency, and Parish of the Diocese must assign someone to serve as the privacy contact, responsible for coordinating the application of the Privacy Standards Policy and for receiving any queries on privacy matters.

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Safe Church

It is the policy of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa that all clergy, staff, and volunteers who come in contact with vulnerable people be screened in a manner appropriate to the ministry or job undertaken. This policy applies to all parishes and ministries of the Diocese of Ottawa.

Our aim is a completely safe environment for all. We must ensure that the people we place in positions of power and trust are carefully selected, then trained and supported in their ministry.

Screening involves assessing the risks involved in a particular position or ministry; finding an appropriate match between task and volunteer (or candidate for a job); providing sensitization and training, and sometimes altering the setting and arrangements of ministry delivery to minimize risk.

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For more policies regarding finances, personnel, and property please consult our Clergy and Administration Toolbox.