The school offers an opportunity for both clergy and lay people to develop skills in congregation and organizational development.

About the school
Rooted in the Anglican ethos, the school shapes church leaders to support and foster healthy, sustainable congregations. The skills and knowledge learned equip people on the individual, team, and whole system levels. Completing the program, you will be prepared to recognize your current reality, discern the future, and offer strategy, goals, and actions to move forward.

Participants will learn through plenary and small group sessions about change processes, facilitation, congregational and organizational development, personality type, and trust development. Working a series of models, case studies, and facilitated conversations, you will finish the two-year program over a course of eight weekends, confident in our ability to put knowledge to relevant and productive practice.

Registrants are encouraged to come in congregational teams of at least two or three people, of clergy and laity, as teams are proven more likely to create successful, positive change.


Look at the current reality and ask
Who are we? Where are we going?
Discern the future
What is God calling us to do and be in the time and this place?
Plan and move toward the future
How do we get there?
Through a combination of plenary, case studies, and small group work
Offer and receive feedback
Identify organizational change process,
Understand trust development,
Manage conflict, and sharpen facilitation skills

Who can attend the school?
Frequently Asked Questions Who can attend the school? For optimum results when returning to the Parish, it is highly recommended that parishes send a team of two or three individuals which includes both clergy and lay leaders as teams are proven more successful at creating positive change.

Three (3) weekends OR 1 Residential Week per year, for two (2) years
Sign a learning agreement
Fully participate in all sessions
Submit two (2) written projects
Complete all readings
Pass the “models exam”


2020 – Weekends – Christ Church Bells Corners (3861 Old Richmond Road, Nepean, Ontario K2H 5C1) and link their name to their website here. And the dates are January 10-11, March 6-7 and May 8-9.
2020 – Residential Week – Saint Paul University (223 Main St, Ottawa ON K1S 1C4) and link their name to their website here. And the date is June 1-6, 2020.

2021 – Weekends – Location TBD. Dates are January 8-9, 2021, March 5-6, 2021 and May 7-8, 2021.
2021 – Residential Week – Location TBD. Date is May 31-June 5, 2021.

Weekend Session: Fees for participants from the Diocese of Ottawa are $600 (fees for participants outside the Diocese of Ottawa are $1,100) for the weekend session.

Week-long Residential Session: Fees for participants from the Diocese of Ottawa are $800 (fees for participants outside the Diocese of Ottawa are $1,300) for the week-long residential session.
Additionally, students are responsible for acquiring their own reading materials.

Registration for the 2020 season is now open
Over the sessions, participants will engage in group formation, work with models, learn to give and receive feedback in congregations, groups and as individuals. We will work on conflict, learn ways to do Organization Development interventions and begin to prepare projects to be done at home.

The School is designed so that participants can begin either in Year A or Year B. To graduate the School, participants must complete both years of content, including readings and projects.

2020 Weekend Session Registration

2020 Week-long Residential Session Registration

Contact the school registrar:
Heidi Fawcett
Conference & Events Coordinator
Social Media Coordinator
613-232-7124 Ext. 222