Stewardship Resources

A variety of tools are available to help you build the ministry of stewardship into your parish’s culture: ideas for year-round stewardship, a sample stewardship plan, stewardship timeline, bulletin inserts, an outline for preparing a narrative budget, and templates for developing a stewardship package based on your narrative budget to share both with your congregation during your annual financial stewardship and with newcomers at any time of the year.

Ideas for year-round stewardship, a suggested year-round stewardship calendar, information about electronic giving options, and stewardship best practices and evaluation guidelines for your congregations’ stewardship ministry are also available.

Stewardship Package Templates

Customizable Templates are available to help you develop a stewardship package for your congregation and newcomers. These templates are designed to be customized by you for your parish using your narrative budgets as a foundation. The Stewardship Package templates include: introduction letter, how to make your commitment, offering commitment form, time and talent offering commitment form, questions and answers, stewardship booklet, bookmark, and outside envelope and return envelope templates. The Legacy Giving booklet and brochure can be included with this package as an option.

  • Stewardship Package (.zip)  (coming soon)
Year-Round Stewardship Calendar

We are accustomed to thinking of stewardship in terms of an annual financial stewardship campaign. It happens once a year. But stewardship is not an annual “event” we hold in October. Stewardship is what we do with all that God has given us, all the time. This calendar takes stewardship out of the “annual occurrence” category and places it where it should be – right in front of us, all year round. Each month the church season is explained, and a theme is identified around which individual and congregational activities might take place in five categories: Spiritual Growth, Ministry Spotlight, Financial Health, Outside Ourselves and God’s Creation.

  • Year Round Calendar
Other Stewardship Resources
  • Talking about God and Money (coming soon)
  • Spiritual Gifts (coming soon)
  • Generosity through the Generations (coming soon)
  • Stewardship Bibliography Online (coming soon)
  • Stewardship Prayers (coming soon)
  • Stewardship Passages (coming soon)
  • Improving Stewardship Ministry in Your Congregation (coming soon)
  • To Know or Not to Know (coming soon)
  • The Power of Asset Mapping (coming soon)

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