Post-Tornado Volunteers Needed

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Following the recent tornadoes in our area, The Rev. Canon John Wilker-Blakley, in consultation with a United Church colleague, was told of a conversation with a clergy-person familiar with traumatic events, that one of the most useful things the Church can offer is volunteers who can help steer people through the labyrinth of insurance and government forms which have to be filled out as soon as  possible after the event. Complex as these forms often are, they are worse if you are working through the fog of trauma. Understandably this is the very time when these often exacting insurance and government forms must be completed. To assist with this, retired insurance personnel or retired government workers who have experience with some of the complexities of such forms, are an invaluable asset to walk with people negotiating these often seemingly opaque forms.

To this end, we are trying to create a list of people willing to do this work for a time, as volunteers, in the aftermath of the devastating September 21st tornadoes. If you or someone you know is willing to help, please contact John directly at  613-592-4747 or march.priest@rogers.com.

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