Youth Internship Program

The Youth Internship Program (YIP) is a Diocesan-wide program for youth in grades 11 or 12, or in their first year of College/University.

The Youth Internship Program is a St. James the Apostle, Manotick initiative that continues to be managed by St. James. However, due to the original intent of reflecting a Diocesan reach, the YIP Steering Committee is a partnership between St. James, Trinity, Ottawa; and the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. Additionally, YIP receives both financial and in-kind support from a number of parishes throughout the Diocese.

Donna Rourke, the Director of Youth Ministries at St. James the Apostle, Manotick, is the Coordinator for the Youth Internship Program.

The success of this program is proving to be the building of personal relationships between the YIP Coordinator, the faith formation team, the leadership facilitators, the Christian mentors, and the interns. Everything we do in this program is to empower youth to be the leaders of tomorrow, both in our churches and our communities.

YIP provides a unique and meaningful way for youth to be attached to the work of a parish, the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, or a community partner; while learning, growing, experiencing a real work environment, and receiving a stipend. Our program embodies many of the priorities and practices noted in Embracing God’s Future (link to embracing God’s Future page), the Strategic Roadmap for the Diocese of Ottawa; and the Marks of Mission, from the Anglican Church of Canada.

Each intern is expected to worship with regularity within a faith community, and be an advocate for the program. YIP empowers youth to be the leaders of tomorrow, both in our churches and in our communities.

The program has five components:

Work Placement

The Coordinator works hard with the interns and placement supervisors to cultivate a meaningful work placement. Exit interviews with both the interns and the placement supervisors suggest that internships are beneficial for the skill development of the intern, and are valuable to the host organization.

Faith Formation

These are sessions with a diverse team from urban, suburban, and rural areas. Our faith formation team this term includes the Rev. Arran Thorpe, from Trinity, Ottawa; the Rev. Kerri Brennan, from Christ Church, Ashton; and the Ven. Ross Hammond, from St. James, Manotick. The interns meet with the faith formation team and the coordinator for faith formation 4-6 times in the term.

Leadership Skill Development

The component includes presentations from community and business leaders from across Eastern Ontario. Our leadership sessions encourage the interns to take an active role in learning to advocate for themselves and others, and to develop leadership skills that will benefit them in years to come. This terms, our leadership facilitators include Bishop John, from the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa; Wendy Muckle, Executive Director of Ottawa Inner City Health, and Jamie Tomlinson, the Chair of the Bishop’s Communications Working Group. The interns meet with a leadership skills facilitator and the coordinator for leadership development 2-3 times a term.

Christian Mentorship

Each intern is assigned a Christian mentor or prayer partner for the year. This is someone from a different age demographic than the intern, from either within the intern’s parish or another parish. This was a recommendation from our first group of interns – When asked what would make our program better, all of the interns replied that having their own Christian mentor would be a great additional component of the program.

Coordinator Coaching

Each intern is in email contact weekly with the Program Coordinator. Additionally, they meet every six (6) weeks for a personal meeting to review the intern’s progress.

Going Forward

As recommended by previous interns, workshops regarding mental health and facilitating conversations will now be available to the interns before they begin their worksite placement.

Placement Opportunities

Possibilities for our paid work placements sites include: Crosstalk (link to Crosstalk page), the Synod Office, Habitat for Humanity, KAIROS, Food Banks, Centre 454, St. Luke’s Table, and Citizens for Public Justice. Parish work possibilities include: Parish Historian, Community Engagement Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Children and Jr. Youth Ministries, and Parish Librarian.

Who Can Apply?

We have six intern positions, and interns are selected based on a written application and participation in a panel interview. Any youth in grade 11 or 12, or in their first year of University/ College may apply.

For more information contact:
Donna Rourke
Youth Internship Coordinator