Canons, Bylaws and Regulations (CBRs)

The legal and procedural framework for the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa is found in a document called the Canons, Bylaws and Regulations (CBRs). Canons are the laws of the Church, governing its life and discipline.

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Safe Church

The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa requires that all clergy, staff, and volunteers who come in contact with vulnerable people be screened in a manner appropriate to the ministry or job undertaken. This Safe Church Policy applies to all parishes and ministries of the Diocese of Ottawa. Our aim is a completely safe environment for children, seniors and others who are physically, emotionally or spiritually vulnerable. We must ensure that the people we place in positions of power and trust are carefully selected, then trained and supported in their ministry, so that both may flourish.

We also seek safety for all those who are ministering in our Church. Clergy, staff and volunteers serve in situations where misconduct, harassment or other abuse may occur. To protect them, we recommend measures that help make our churches safe places.

We desire that our Church be a clear symbol of the Kingdom of God; a safe and holy place for all.