How our Cathedral Plays a Vital Role

A vibrant worship space

Our Cathedral serves as a vibrant worship space and plays a vital role in the heritage, culture, and community life of the region. It actively engages in God’s mission through partnerships at the local, national, and international levels.

It houses the Cathedra

The bishop’s chair symbolizes the bishop’s role as the chief pastor of the diocese (ADO region). The Dean of the Cathedral, a senior priest, often acts as the bishop’s deputy or commissary in their absence or illness.

Focal point for worship

Our Cathedral serves as a focal point for worship, mission, and a valuable resource benefiting the entire diocese. It frequently hosts special diocesan events and gatherings.

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Dean Beth Bretzlaff Christ Church Cathedral
Meet the Dean of Ottawa and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral

The Very Reverend Beth Bretzlaff

The Very Reverend Elizabeth Joan Bretzlaff is the first woman to serve as Dean of Ottawa and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral. In the early 1990s, she became the first female priest on staff at the Cathedral Church of St Michael and All Angels in Kelowna, British Columbia.

“Through its beautiful worship and music, and extensive ministries and partnerships, Christ’s mission is lived out with love and grace. Drawing people of every language, race and nation to its heart, diversity is embraced and the vibrant power of the Spirit is lived out. It is a sacred place and community that speaks to the home of God. You are welcome here!
Life is not easy and we all need companions on the way who help us find meaning and encourage us to live our best life.”

The Very Reverend Beth Bretzlaff
Dean of Ottawa

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Christ Church Cathedral reader

All are welcome

Through its captivating worship, melodious music, and expansive ministries and partnerships, the mission of Christ is embodied with boundless love and grace. Embracing individuals from all languages, races, and nations, the Cathedral fosters an environment where diversity flourishes and the dynamic force of the Holy Spirit is manifest.

As a sanctuary and a community, it resonates as a dwelling place of God, offering solace and spiritual nourishment to all who enter.

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Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa service
Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa
Christ Church Cathedral Bishop Shane Parker and Dean Beth Bretzlaff

Bringing People Together

The Cathedral serves as a gathering place for diverse individuals from the broader community. Within its sacred walls, people come together to commemorate solemn occasions like the passing of a monarch or to collectively mourn in the face of tragedy. It also serves as a venue for celebrating civic or national milestones and hosting cultural events such as the Ottawa Writers’ Festival.

Our Cathedral embraces the spirit of reconciliation, extending an invitation to people of various cultures and beliefs to join together in listening, fostering understanding, and forging connections.

Everyone is welcome within these hallowed grounds, where the likelihood of encountering someone who shares your identity is high.
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You are welcome here!

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