Contextual Mission and New Worshipping Communities

An Action Plan for Contextual Mission and New Worshipping Communities was agreed at Synod in October 2023 to help us be a Spirit-led Church and create new worshipping communities in parishes across our diocese.


The Ven. Mark Whittall

What are the Action Plan’s objectives?

Paul Mugarura

Why is this important in our contemporary culture?

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The Reverend Thomas Brauer

What is contextual mission?

The Reverend Thomas Brauer

What are new worshipping communities?

The Reverend Michael Garner

Why is prayer foundational to this initiative?

The Reverend Simone Hurkmans

What does A Time of Prayer ask of parishes and how will resources support their efforts?

How You can Participate in A Time of Prayer

As the first step in implementing this Action Plan, all diocese members are invited to pray over the coming year to discern the Holy Spirit’s divine sparks in our midst.

Incorporate Prayers

Add these prayers to your parish’s Prayers of the People and pray them yourself.

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Form Prayer Groups

Start or join a parish group that prays for local divine sparks. Synod representatives have been asked to coordinate these efforts, so check with your parish leadership team.

Monthly Resources

Use these monthly resources to pray, listen, consider and be inspired.

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Diocesan Prayer Group Meetings

Participate in facilitated diocesan-wide prayer group gatherings every 3–4 months to discuss emergent divine sparks. Parish leadership teams will receive details.

A Time of Prayer
Working Group

  • The Rev. Elizabeth December
  • Paul Dumbrille
  • The Rev. Simone Hurkmans
  • Paul Mugarura (co-chair)
  • The Ven. Mark Whittall