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Anglican youth programs and activities are open to all young people who are eager to explore their faith and grow within a supportive community.

Whether you are new to the Anglican faith or have been part of our community for years, we welcome you to join in activities.

  • Youth Seeking Spiritual Growth:
    Interests in deepening your understanding of Christianity, exploring Anglican traditions
  • Would like to belong within a Community:
    Like connecting with others, sharing experiences, building lasting friendships
  • Aspiring Leaders:
    Developing leadership skills, contributing positively to your community

There are lots of opportunities to lead and serve.

All are welcome – come as you are, meet new friends, and join in this journey of faith, friendship, and personal growth!

Anglican youth in Ottawa

The ADO youth program seeks to support the work of youth leaders across the ADO region. This spans across eastern Ontario and western Quebec.

This includes the vibrant city of Ottawa, Canada.

The aim is to foster community and help grow a brighter future for young people.

Youth Activities & Programs

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