Delegates and clergy from our parishes attend the ADO Diocesan Synod annually. The ‘Annual General Meeting’ of the Diocese is essential as this allows us to assemble and see the bigger picture of the mission and ministry of the ADO. Synod allows us to learn and discuss how we pursue Christ in our changing culture and society.

Our Synod’s main components are Business Outreach and Worship Evangelism Community. Some of Synod’s duties are:

  • Approving budgets and financial statements
  • Receiving reports from Diocese committees and subcommittees
  • Electing Provincial Synod, General Synod, Advisory Panel, Diocesan Council, etc. delegates, and members

For 2023, we are excited to provide updates and discuss next steps about the ADO strategic vision of Shape of Parish Ministry (SPMC).

October 20-22, 2022

Diocesan Synod 2022 - 142nd Session

Bishop’s Charge to Synod

Summary of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa’s 142nd Synod

  • Synod Agenda and Circular
    • Synod Agenda
    • Synod Circular
    • Shape of Parish Ministry Proposals
    • Financials
      • Cathedral Hill Foundation
      • Church Extension Fund
      • Consolidated Trust Fund
      • Cornerstone Housing
      • ADO Consolidated Financial Statements
    • Proposed CBR Amendments
  • Pre-Synod Information Session Recording
  • Welcome Package
    • Welcome Letter
    • Guidelines for Members of Synod